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New York

New York , especially my husband’s dream city. By coincidence, our honeymoon date conflicted with my husband’s 40 th aniversary. This holiday would be memory forever.

First of all we choosed where to stay by  . We preferred to stay in a flat rather than hotel, because it would be cheaper for us and we would like to feel more the New Yorker lifestyle. Our flat was so comfortable and we think we choosed one of the best location to spend time in New York. 
I was responsible to find out the good restaurants to eat but not so expensive and my husband would be the guide for museums and organizator of the day.

First day, on the aniversary of my husband , I choosed Pastis I to start the day with a good breakfast. I do not know If it was a good suprise for my french husband to have the first breakfast in New York in a French restaurant. 
He looked like happy when he was eating his pancakes .

In the afternoon Kris got the suprise of the day ‘Helicopter tour in New York’. It was the highlight of my trip in New york, you will get the most beatiful view of Manhattan; statue of liberty and all you want for the service.

As i told you before, i would be responsible for the restaurants but unfortunately I messed up on the first day. I booked Del frisco’s restaurant by mail. I got the confirmation ,too. I did not tell the rest. name to my husband because it would be suprise ,’ offer one of the best steak in New York’. When we were at restaurant, they could not find my reservation and we should wait min. 1/2 hour. My husbands impressions : No reservations, very crowded, very loudly and he was happy not to eat there because of loud. 
Then, we started walking with a very little hope to find a good rest.randomly, .Than we decided to go to Highline district and started looking for the subway. We never handle to find the closest Subway to us but we were lucky we found ourshelves in front of the grand station. It was a marvelous building. When we were in; we saw Oyster bar resturant, after a long walk we decided to eat here. Suprisingly, it was good experience. Do not forget to give 20% tip, it is a rule in the restaurant.


Meanwhile, please remind to try “Whispering Wall” outside the restaurant. It is really amazing.Why not to propose to marry here?

Our second day was a little bit more flexible,we start the day with a good breakfast at central park. It was Saturday and to have your breakfast by watching the marathon was really enjoyable.

The mission of the day was to buy billets for broadway shows. We choosed
 “War House “and  the legendery “The Lion King”. After we saw the puppets in war house, the success of all the cast  than you will ask why I payed double price to the Lion king. 

We would like to eat hamburger which is not so expensive but sure delicious. We find out Viand cafe which is close to our flat. The portion size was good for the price,very good service and it was really delicious. 

After a small rest at home we visited Soho, Little italy at night ; I was expecting more people in the restaurants, bars. May be it is more interesting at the weekends. On the other hand, during the day, it is so nice, charming, with nice buildings, stores.. I really loved. 
Some pictures from Little Italy, China Town , Lolita. 

You should visit a market in Chinatown. I did not see so varieties together in the market in China. 

Next Day, we spent all the day by shopping. We went to Woodburry Premium outlets , with high expectation on prices. We were diasappointed when we realized that the prices usually 15-30 percent cheaper than in Europe. When you calculate your cost to go to Woddburry it is not so interesting. I should confess that may be the bags with a lot of good brands were worth it to spent money.
By the way, my impressions about shopping in New York are, go to B&H to buy electronics, the prices are so competitive. I prefer to go  to Mancy’s or Century 21 to do shopping rather than spending whole day in Woodbury.

Our flat was just a few apartment after the best Cookies of New York. I missed it a lot. Everyday , we stopped there , oatmeal raisin cookie was my favorite. 

We walked around World Trade Center, and after we finished the day in Brooklyn. Below are the photos ;

Wall Street-Nasdaq
Brooklyn Bridge
The best Steak House restaurant I have eaten , the service was good, waiters are very frinedly . I ate a very juicy steak and as a desert I ate apple strudel. I have eaten better apple strudels but not this kind of juicy steak !

On 5 th day we started the day with a nice breakfast at Murray’s Bagel. Very little Bagels house located in Greenwich village.It is very typical New Yorker address, I guess we and a few japanesse were the only tourists . Do not have any expectation about the service, If you are a stranger, they do not try to talk slower, for this reason you may repeat a few times your order. After a difficult ordering you may realize that they forget some of your order. If you can not find place inside do not go out before you check your order!
Finally it really worths to all of the effort. What I ordered ?

Try roasted garlic cream cheese, it was really good, too

Before we arrived New York; we bought New York City Pass on internet. It will be really cheaper than If you buy each ticket at each place. Unfortunately we could not visit Gugenheim Museum . The ramps were closed because of maintanence. So we prefered to go to Museum Natural History. it was disappointment for me, after I saw the natural museum in Prag. You expect better presentation in USA. 
Musuem Metropolitan Art was realy very worth to visit. In my opinion, it is more interesting than MOMA.

This old tree is exhibited at Museum Natural History. You can make entertainment videos and send online to your friends. We liked them a lot!

Metropolitain Museum of Art
it was really nice to see the donation of Koc family about Turkey
At the beginning we could not decide to go to Empire States building at night or during the day. Finally; We are happy to go to Empires states building at night and Top of the Rock in the day.
New York view from Empire States building 80 th floor
It is all about New York now, there is still 4 more days to write. Now I would like to go on with Corsica.
A bientot ….