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Not to be missed; Fireworks in Cannes

Yesterday, we went to see the 4 th of our fireworks in bay of Cannes.
First of all let’s start with some tricks how to go to Cannes ; If you do not stay in Cannes, it is better to come by scooter or train. When the demonstation has high expectation, than it is difficult to park your car. To exit from parkin is more difficult than parking. If you say I stand up against all and I come with my car than, congratulations for your courage.

Second tip is where to watch ? The best place for us is to sit on the beach. Usually sand is wet , it is useful to take a nappe or towel with you. Those who would like to have a first row place, be there 20 minutes ago. I saw people with bottle of wine and some food, I am not sure if it is allowed or not? As far as I know drinking on the beach at night is forbidden. My husband is normative kind of person, so we never drink alcohol during the show.

So, all is good but when is this festival? It starts with the 14 th of July, Independence day of france and usually it is one times in each week during 1 month. For the coming years this link is more accurate than my informations.
This year, It started on 16 th because of the bad weather, so, if there is windy or rainy be prepared for cancel.

This year, my favorite is Germany ‘original choreography and musical harmony ‘, second France, almost each year France has an award than China or Italy. Unfortunately , I could not see Spain because of my holiday in Corsica.

Each show has a special theme , screen with 400 m wide and 200 m high is mandatory for all competitors, there is a very good sound system, it is really a unique experience to watch the dance of fireworks with music. You will see very new , innovative fireworks.

For a unforgettable summer holiday, be in Cannes between July and August .

Enjoy the show!