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First anniversary / Rocamadour

Although I moved to France on February, for me life in France has started after July. Till July I had been in Turkey each month; so when I was in France I was feeling my shelf like on holiday in France. My lovely husband was also supporting me a lot to feel myself like in paradise; like my gift for our first anniversary of marriage.

pelerin pilgrimage racomadour france

If you have a partner who is better than you for planning ; after a while  you stop thinking about presents, suprises etc. Because you always know that your partner will not be satisfied and instead of disappointment you prefer to wait all organisations from your partner. I do it, and really enjoy it.

So, as usual I was sure my husband would plan something, and his suprise was to go to Rocamadour. The more you visit the less you are excited for the new places. But for me Rocamadour was really very interesting place, and I did not know there had been a village that would make me excited. I am not sure If the serenity I had was because of ‘Black virgin ‘ in the church or its history full of miracles, I did not want to leave this small; nice village.

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International Festival of Gastronomy

I really like the festivals in France. Especially in summer time there are plenty of festivals. One of them I had been written ; festival-pyrotechnique ; 

Today, I will write about my private interest; gastronomie . It is really interesting for me to observe the differences of French cuisine and Turkish cuisine; two very large, delicious cuisines of the world. Me and my husband are fun of Masterchef or Topchef competitions in france. Masterchef is the competition of gastronomie for amateurs and Topchef is for the professionals.

festival gastronomy

Why I am telling you about Masterchef ? One of the 3 Michelin star jury of Masterchef; ‘Frédéric Anton’ was the guest honor of ‘Les Etoils de Mougin’.  His talent is exalting the flavours , intensifying their characteristics  to create simple but tasty and refined cuisine.Frédéric Anton 3 michelin star chefFrédéric Anton and the his famous plate

cuisine of Frédéeric AntonGelée de bouillabaisse ; in each hole there are different tastes

This was the 7 the International festival de Gastranomy in Mougins, it is very well organized. If you are passionate with cooking, never miss it. You will find opportunities to cook with greatest chefs of cuisine.


                                                                             Norbert was the participant of Top Chef 2012 , he was in the first 3

They tell you all about cuisine without secrets, very friendly ambiance. You can taste your cook, or the cook of greatest chefs. There are different tents where you can join, this year, if you would like to cook with chefs, it was 15 € ; you can not eat this price in the rest. There were also free tents where you can watch the chefs when they are cooking. usually you have chance to taste their plate.  You can ask questions during cooking , chefs are really very kind and try to help you for a better plate.

Very nice ambiance with all details, this is the entrance

Julien Lepers

Julian Lepers; actually I do not know him very well, this photo is for my mother in law

I really recommend this festival to whom likes cooking, you will learn lots of technic on cooking. You can ask me all about this festival If any information is missing.

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Not to be missed; Fireworks in Cannes

Yesterday, we went to see the 4 th of our fireworks in bay of Cannes.
First of all let’s start with some tricks how to go to Cannes ; If you do not stay in Cannes, it is better to come by scooter or train. When the demonstation has high expectation, than it is difficult to park your car. To exit from parkin is more difficult than parking. If you say I stand up against all and I come with my car than, congratulations for your courage.

Second tip is where to watch ? The best place for us is to sit on the beach. Usually sand is wet , it is useful to take a nappe or towel with you. Those who would like to have a first row place, be there 20 minutes ago. I saw people with bottle of wine and some food, I am not sure if it is allowed or not? As far as I know drinking on the beach at night is forbidden. My husband is normative kind of person, so we never drink alcohol during the show.

So, all is good but when is this festival? It starts with the 14 th of July, Independence day of france and usually it is one times in each week during 1 month. For the coming years this link is more accurate than my informations.
This year, It started on 16 th because of the bad weather, so, if there is windy or rainy be prepared for cancel.

This year, my favorite is Germany ‘original choreography and musical harmony ‘, second France, almost each year France has an award than China or Italy. Unfortunately , I could not see Spain because of my holiday in Corsica.

Each show has a special theme , screen with 400 m wide and 200 m high is mandatory for all competitors, there is a very good sound system, it is really a unique experience to watch the dance of fireworks with music. You will see very new , innovative fireworks.

For a unforgettable summer holiday, be in Cannes between July and August .

Enjoy the show!

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Village Tour for our guests in Cote D’Azur

Altough it is very short time since I started living here, we have visiters quite often.
Guests from Turkey are like I visit Turkey, remember of all my life and my culture; guests of my husbands are like a school to learn french, their lifestyle. Hospitality is traditional for us and I guess for my husband; too.

Today, I will write my favorite villages around our village. This is our general route for our guests.

Best ever view , Eze Village. To go to Eze village, you should take the route to Monaco from Nice. On the way you will see the signs. If you do not have a car, it is also possible to take the bus from Nice .
This old village has its name to an oral legend form the phoenicians , who erected a temple for memory of goddess Isis. Followed the end of Roman empire, the city is invaded .
In 1543, Marvelous Suleyman occupied the city , and by others, too; before it is the part of France.

                                                                      The magic view

                                             It has a very nice garden, worth to be seen

Usually we start with Gourdon, because it is the closest village to us. It has the view of Cannes.
It is small village with very nice view and shops. The speciality of the Gourdon is the jams. Do not fotget to buy a a few.

This way 🙂
Very nice welcoming 

 Village Fleuri is a competition of bloom to promote the development of green places in France.

The house of a seller 
If you visit Gourdon, Tourrettes  Sur Loup should not be missed. It is a little bigger than the above villages. More flowers, more houses and more shops. On the way ; attention to your right If you are coming through Gourdon. You will have a very nice surprise! Waterfalls !
The view of old village

French Art

This is our mini tour for our guests , If we have visitors from Turkey we usually prefer to go to beach. 
When it is the French guests, it is more exhausting for me. They prefer more sight seeing. 
In the coming days , I will go on new statements about French villages.
I do hope these informations are useful for your future trip.

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C’est la Corse , Ve Korsika

Yaklasik 1 yil once gazetede Korsika ile ilgili tatil onerilerini okudugumda, birgun oraya gitmeyi cok istemistim. Plajlari, yemekleri her seyi tamamen ilgimi cekmis ama Turkiyeye cok uzak oldugunu dusunup imkansiz bir tatil olarak rafa kaldirmistim.

Hayat ne garip, bazen gercekten de planlarla yasamamak gerektigine inaniyorum. Sanirim daha sik ‘S.. Et ‘ demeliyiz. 1 yil icinde Fransa’ya yerlestim ve sevgilimin dogum gunu hediyesi Korsika tatiliydi.

Her zamanki gibi herseyi esime biraktim ve Vedat Milor’un Korsikada onerdigi restauranlarin listesini verdim. Benim icin  onceligin Geronimi dondurmalarini denemek oldugunu soyledim.
Iyi dondurma konusunda zaafim buyuk, her gittigim sehirde en iyi dondurma ureten yeri bulmaya calisirim. Eger Vedat Milor dunyanin en iyi dondurmasi diyorsa yemeden olmazdi .

Geronimi Dondurma tutkum belki yolumuzu 3 saat uzatti ama kesinlikle hem turumuza renk katti hem de tadi damagimizda kaldi. Korsikanin batisi kesinlikle dogusundan daha guzel.

Korsikayi Scooterla gezecektik. Ikimiz icin de Scooter ile ilk uzun seyahatimiz olacakti. Saat 7:30 da Nice’ten  gemi ile Ile Rousse’a gidiyoruz. Gemi yolculugu yaklasik 6 saat suruyor ancak cok konforlu ve eger kabin kiralarsaniz uyuyarak da cok rahat bir yolculuk gecirebilirsiniz.

Ile Rousse’dan hareket
Yolumuza Calvi, Porto , Piana dan devam ettik. Manzaralar muhtesem, tamamen dogayla ic icesiniz. Dogru duzgun yerlesim yerleri gormuyorsunuz, olanlarda agaclarin arasindan tek tuk seciliyor. Denizin rengi, maviden yesile donuyor, her bolgede ayri guzel. Ama bizim denize girecek vaktimiz yok. Aksam 8:00 de Vecchioda olmaliyiz.
Yol boyunca sik sik boyle manzaralar izleyerek devam ediyoruz.

Pianaya gelmeden once Portodan geciyorsunuz, gordugum kadari ile kucuk sirin bir kasaba.

En cok icimde kalan sey, Piana da duramamak oldu. Piana da ‘calanques’larin arasinda yuruyus yapabilirsniz.
Les Calanques de Piana
Ve Sagone varis, ilk lezzet duragimiz
Ben caramel aux 5 epices ; brocciu, tomate basilic istedim, esimde caramel baume sahe, cilek istedi.
yedigim en lezzetli karamelde, sunumlar cok guzel, masalar hic bos kalmiyor. Sorbetleri de cok guzel gorunuyordu, gordugum kadari ile cogunlukla sorbet servisi yapiyorlardi.
Hedefimiz Porto Vecchio, durmak istedigim bir suru kucuk koylerin icinden geciyoruz, Propriono bunlardan bir tanesi.
Orezza ; Korsikanin daglarindan akan iyilestirici ozelligine de inanilan suyu. Simdiye kadar ictigim en lezzetli suydu, Bikarbonat miktari biraz fazla sanirim, beni kesinlikle rahatsiz etmedi ve ictikce icesim geliyor.
Tipik Korsika koyleri, uzaktan bakinca bizdeki gibi badanasiz , boyasiz evler gibi gorunuyor ancak yaklastikca sadeligini begeniyorsunuz. Korsikanin daglarindan yontulmus taslardan yapiliyormus evler.
Kalacagimiz eve nihayet ulastik, Madam Rafinin evinde kaliyoruz, tipik Fransiz evi. Manzaraya doyamiyorsunuz, bi ara hic evden cikmamayi dusunuyorum ancak cok kisa zamnimiz kaldi ve gorulecek cok yer var. Veccio kalmak icin ideal bir yer diye dusunuyorum. Madam Rafin , hergun  farkli ev yapimi recelleri ile cok guzel kahvaltilar hazirladi. her gune guzel baslip guzel bitiriyoruz.
La belle Bonifacio
Bonifacio girince guzellik karsisinda sasirdim, hic boyle bir sehir gorecegimi beklemiyordum. hem tarihi kalesi , hem doga guzelligi ile omur boyu yasanacak bir sehir. Burada magaralarin icini gormek istiyorsaniz, boat turuna cikabilirsiniz. Limanda sira sira cok guzel lokantalar var, Korsika da kotu bir yemek yiyeceginizi sanmiyorum, her sey cok dogal ve lezzetli.

Bonifacio bogazi

Tipik bir Korsika lokantasi tercih ederseniz U Cantanu’yu oneririm. Tipik Korsika evi restaurana donusturulmus. Mekan sahibi her masayi gezerek sohbet ediyor, Korsika ile ilgili butun sorularinizi cevaplamaya calisiyor. En ilginc yani restaranta yemek yerken kucuk tilki gorebilirsiniz . Bahcesi cok sik, servis de biraz aksakliklar oldu ama guleryuzlu davranislariya affediyorsunuz.
Ben Cote de Veau tercih ettim, sebzelerle birlikte sunuyorlar, gercekten juicy, lezeetli ve yumusakti. Eger domuz urunleri yiyorsaniz, Korsika bu konuda en iddali yerlerden bir tanesi.
Bonofacio turumuzdan sonra plaj ziyareti yapmanin zamani geldi. Ilk plajimiz Rondinara idi, ugramadan gecilmemesi gereken bir plaj, turkuaz rengi suyu, dalgasiz piril piril bir lagunde denize girmek isterseniz, en dogru adres.

Ekonomik kirzden olacak, gezdigimiz butun plajlarda cok rahat yer bulduk. Bu sene gectigimiz senelere kiyasla daha az turist gelmis. Korsika genellikle yerli turist ceken bir ada, bu arada kisa da bir bilgi Korsikanin adi eski Yunanca “en guzeli” anlamina gelen “kalliste”den gelmekteymis.
Rondinaradan sonra ikinci duragimiz Santa Giulia oldu, ben rondinarayi daha cok begendim sonucta her iki plajda guzeldi , guzeller icinden secince yosun Santa Giuliada biraz daha fazlaydi. yeri gelmisken belirtmekte fayda var, bir kac senedir Akdeniz de yosunlar o kadar uzamis ki, son zamanlarda kiyiya cok yosun geliyormus. Beni ilk defa yosunlu deniz rahatsiz etmedi.
Santa Gulia Plaji
Plajlardan baslamisken son ve en favorim, ugramadan donulmemesi gerekn plaj tabiki Palombaggia plaji.  Bu plajlarin hepsi, Bonifacio ile Vecchio arasinda bulunuyor. Denizden sonra, yol ustunde goreceginiz Pizzacilarda durmanizi oneririm.
Palombaggia Plaji
Korsikada 1 gununuzu de adanin ortasinda kalan essiz ormanlarina ayirmanizi oneririm. Biz Bavella ; Korsika daginin zirve noktasi. Maki bitki ortusunun en guzel ornegini goreceginiz yol boyunca , okaliptus , kestane agaclarinin golgelerinde Korsikanin icine dogru ilerleyeceksiniz. Bir tarafinizda kizildan griye calan kayalari diger tarafinizda yemyesil manzarayi gormeden Korsika ziyareti tamamlanmis olmaz. Biz Bavalle Igneleri diye gecen tepede kucuk bir piknik yaptik. Buraya gelmeden once de baska bir noktada durup yuruyus yaptik,  45 dakikalik bir yuruyus yolundan sonra cok guzel bir selale gorebilirsiniz. Bizim cok vaktimiz olmadigi icin 15-20 dak yuruyup geri donduk.
Yol Ustunde dereleri goreceksiniz, arabalarin parl halinde oldugu yerlerde durursaniz resimdeki gibi bir manzarayla karsilasacaksiniz. Suyu oyle dere suyu kadar soguk degil, dere kenarinda ufak bir piknik de yapabilirsiniz.
Kisa Korsika tatilimiz boyle cabucak gecti bitti. Bazi sehirler sizi tekrar cagirir ya iste benim icin Korsika boyle yerlerden biri, bir daha ne zaman gideriz bilmiyorum ama daha uzun bir tatil yapmak isteyecegim bir yer. Tatilden sonra esimde bende 1 hafta boyunca Korsikanin huzurunu uzerimizde hissettik. Bizim icin foerever memory tatillerinden bir oldu.


New York

New York , especially my husband’s dream city. By coincidence, our honeymoon date conflicted with my husband’s 40 th aniversary. This holiday would be memory forever.

First of all we choosed where to stay by  . We preferred to stay in a flat rather than hotel, because it would be cheaper for us and we would like to feel more the New Yorker lifestyle. Our flat was so comfortable and we think we choosed one of the best location to spend time in New York. 
I was responsible to find out the good restaurants to eat but not so expensive and my husband would be the guide for museums and organizator of the day.

First day, on the aniversary of my husband , I choosed Pastis I to start the day with a good breakfast. I do not know If it was a good suprise for my french husband to have the first breakfast in New York in a French restaurant. 
He looked like happy when he was eating his pancakes .

In the afternoon Kris got the suprise of the day ‘Helicopter tour in New York’. It was the highlight of my trip in New york, you will get the most beatiful view of Manhattan; statue of liberty and all you want for the service.

As i told you before, i would be responsible for the restaurants but unfortunately I messed up on the first day. I booked Del frisco’s restaurant by mail. I got the confirmation ,too. I did not tell the rest. name to my husband because it would be suprise ,’ offer one of the best steak in New York’. When we were at restaurant, they could not find my reservation and we should wait min. 1/2 hour. My husbands impressions : No reservations, very crowded, very loudly and he was happy not to eat there because of loud. 
Then, we started walking with a very little hope to find a good rest.randomly, .Than we decided to go to Highline district and started looking for the subway. We never handle to find the closest Subway to us but we were lucky we found ourshelves in front of the grand station. It was a marvelous building. When we were in; we saw Oyster bar resturant, after a long walk we decided to eat here. Suprisingly, it was good experience. Do not forget to give 20% tip, it is a rule in the restaurant.


Meanwhile, please remind to try “Whispering Wall” outside the restaurant. It is really amazing.Why not to propose to marry here?

Our second day was a little bit more flexible,we start the day with a good breakfast at central park. It was Saturday and to have your breakfast by watching the marathon was really enjoyable.

The mission of the day was to buy billets for broadway shows. We choosed
 “War House “and  the legendery “The Lion King”. After we saw the puppets in war house, the success of all the cast  than you will ask why I payed double price to the Lion king. 

We would like to eat hamburger which is not so expensive but sure delicious. We find out Viand cafe which is close to our flat. The portion size was good for the price,very good service and it was really delicious. 

After a small rest at home we visited Soho, Little italy at night ; I was expecting more people in the restaurants, bars. May be it is more interesting at the weekends. On the other hand, during the day, it is so nice, charming, with nice buildings, stores.. I really loved. 
Some pictures from Little Italy, China Town , Lolita. 

You should visit a market in Chinatown. I did not see so varieties together in the market in China. 

Next Day, we spent all the day by shopping. We went to Woodburry Premium outlets , with high expectation on prices. We were diasappointed when we realized that the prices usually 15-30 percent cheaper than in Europe. When you calculate your cost to go to Woddburry it is not so interesting. I should confess that may be the bags with a lot of good brands were worth it to spent money.
By the way, my impressions about shopping in New York are, go to B&H to buy electronics, the prices are so competitive. I prefer to go  to Mancy’s or Century 21 to do shopping rather than spending whole day in Woodbury.

Our flat was just a few apartment after the best Cookies of New York. I missed it a lot. Everyday , we stopped there , oatmeal raisin cookie was my favorite. 

We walked around World Trade Center, and after we finished the day in Brooklyn. Below are the photos ;

Wall Street-Nasdaq
Brooklyn Bridge
The best Steak House restaurant I have eaten , the service was good, waiters are very frinedly . I ate a very juicy steak and as a desert I ate apple strudel. I have eaten better apple strudels but not this kind of juicy steak !

On 5 th day we started the day with a nice breakfast at Murray’s Bagel. Very little Bagels house located in Greenwich village.It is very typical New Yorker address, I guess we and a few japanesse were the only tourists . Do not have any expectation about the service, If you are a stranger, they do not try to talk slower, for this reason you may repeat a few times your order. After a difficult ordering you may realize that they forget some of your order. If you can not find place inside do not go out before you check your order!
Finally it really worths to all of the effort. What I ordered ?

Try roasted garlic cream cheese, it was really good, too

Before we arrived New York; we bought New York City Pass on internet. It will be really cheaper than If you buy each ticket at each place. Unfortunately we could not visit Gugenheim Museum . The ramps were closed because of maintanence. So we prefered to go to Museum Natural History. it was disappointment for me, after I saw the natural museum in Prag. You expect better presentation in USA. 
Musuem Metropolitan Art was realy very worth to visit. In my opinion, it is more interesting than MOMA.

This old tree is exhibited at Museum Natural History. You can make entertainment videos and send online to your friends. We liked them a lot!

Metropolitain Museum of Art
it was really nice to see the donation of Koc family about Turkey
At the beginning we could not decide to go to Empire States building at night or during the day. Finally; We are happy to go to Empires states building at night and Top of the Rock in the day.
New York view from Empire States building 80 th floor
It is all about New York now, there is still 4 more days to write. Now I would like to go on with Corsica.
A bientot ….