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French Lakes/ Lac de Saint Cassien

We would like to try lake as an alternative to go to sea. During the high season , to spent time at the lake is really good, If you would like to runaway form the crowd of beaches. Sure, we started discovering french lakes with the closest one to us, Lac de Saint Cassien. Lac de Cassien is a 7 km long to nort-south and 3 km to east west. It is a completely surrounded with forested hills , undevelopped and close to Cannes.

French Lakes

This is the plan of the lake

On the way ; We decided runaway from the traffic jam and crowded, went to the far-flung area.Again I remembered the Turkish proverb ; Where there is activity, there is plentifulness and prosperity. We went to ‘American beach’ ; crooked desks to 6€ , obsolete boats to the highest price at the lake and very rude service guy. After 20 min. waiting for the rude , arrogant guy to hire the boat we decided not to torture ourshelves and left the beach.

lake Saint Cassien

It was one of the best decisons we made, because we discovered the evolution beach , very nice service, English speaking kind workers, new boats, and very nice ambiance. Only the disadvantage is it is a little bit difficult to park the car but sure ‘Where there is activity, there is plentifulness and prosperity’ . Here is the small information of Evo 2

Lac de france

When you are saildboarding, or on the oat pay attention not to disturb the fishers. Sometimes they can be rude , think that they are the owner of lake. On the other hand, you would like to respect them waiting for hours for a fish is worth to leave them alone.

The second important thing is, some french people likes swimming naked, so If you see some group of people at small tiny coves , do not get closer , because they feel themshelves disturbed ; too.

Swimming in the Sea, actually it was a little bit dreadful when you think huge carps and other predator fishes. After observing the children sliding from the boats, you dare to swim 🙂

That`s all for our escape to lake from sea , I hope it is useful for you. If you have other recommendations for French lakes please share with me.