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First anniversary / Rocamadour

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Although I moved to France on February, for me life in France has started after July. Till July I had been in Turkey each month; so when I was in France I was feeling my shelf like on holiday in France. My lovely husband was also supporting me a lot to feel myself like in paradise; like my gift for our first anniversary of marriage.

pelerin pilgrimage racomadour france

If you have a partner who is better than you for planning ; after a while  you stop thinking about presents, suprises etc. Because you always know that your partner will not be satisfied and instead of disappointment you prefer to wait all organisations from your partner. I do it, and really enjoy it.

So, as usual I was sure my husband would plan something, and his suprise was to go to Rocamadour. The more you visit the less you are excited for the new places. But for me Rocamadour was really very interesting place, and I did not know there had been a village that would make me excited. I am not sure If the serenity I had was because of ‘Black virgin ‘ in the church or its history full of miracles, I did not want to leave this small; nice village.

Les Tours Vieilles

Above is the hotel that we rested, it was very quiet, very appropriate for a weekend escape.

The restaurant was so good, beside when you compare the price with presentation of each plate, taste and service, you give 10/10. 


A short information about Rocamadour:

The shrines of Rocamadour were, from the 12th to the 14th C., one of the major places of pilgrimage in the Christian West. The famous Black Virgin, venerated for her miracles performed in the “Miraculous” chapel of Our Lady, is the object of a devotion which regained its vigour in the 19th C. and continues today.

 Rocamadour is also famous with goose farms ; on the way you can see many farms 😦

The other speciality is the goat cheese; as a fan of goat cheese; I can say that it was quite good.


At hotel Les Tours Vieilles you do not see any car; anything that reminds you big cities.


Last but not least, do not miss the sun shine ; you will admire the colors.


Author: kristofairorganization

2010 summer, holiday , first visit to France, first visit to Cote D’Azur. Than, series of coincidences to meet with Christophe, frequent visits to France to know each other, French culture. Turkish culture. More gloom, after each seperation. Finally my gut feelings override my logic and I choosed French love. My husband is really very meticulous on each work especially for planning a travel. Each moment we spent, we discovered was very special for me. I would like to share our experinces, travel tips which may lead you to travel a good budget. Of course, I am also writing for my husband to make our perfect picture memories forever. For this reason, I preferred to write in English, to share with my husband , too. I can not write in french now, hope to write soon.

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