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International Festival of Gastronomy

I really like the festivals in France. Especially in summer time there are plenty of festivals. One of them I had been written ; festival-pyrotechnique ; 

Today, I will write about my private interest; gastronomie . It is really interesting for me to observe the differences of French cuisine and Turkish cuisine; two very large, delicious cuisines of the world. Me and my husband are fun of Masterchef or Topchef competitions in france. Masterchef is the competition of gastronomie for amateurs and Topchef is for the professionals.

festival gastronomy

Why I am telling you about Masterchef ? One of the 3 Michelin star jury of Masterchef; ‘Frédéric Anton’ was the guest honor of ‘Les Etoils de Mougin’.  His talent is exalting the flavours , intensifying their characteristics  to create simple but tasty and refined cuisine.Frédéric Anton 3 michelin star chefFrédéric Anton and the his famous plate

cuisine of Frédéeric AntonGelée de bouillabaisse ; in each hole there are different tastes

This was the 7 the International festival de Gastranomy in Mougins, it is very well organized. If you are passionate with cooking, never miss it. You will find opportunities to cook with greatest chefs of cuisine.


                                                                             Norbert was the participant of Top Chef 2012 , he was in the first 3

They tell you all about cuisine without secrets, very friendly ambiance. You can taste your cook, or the cook of greatest chefs. There are different tents where you can join, this year, if you would like to cook with chefs, it was 15 € ; you can not eat this price in the rest. There were also free tents where you can watch the chefs when they are cooking. usually you have chance to taste their plate.  You can ask questions during cooking , chefs are really very kind and try to help you for a better plate.

Very nice ambiance with all details, this is the entrance

Julien Lepers

Julian Lepers; actually I do not know him very well, this photo is for my mother in law

I really recommend this festival to whom likes cooking, you will learn lots of technic on cooking. You can ask me all about this festival If any information is missing.