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Village Tour for our guests in Cote D’Azur

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Altough it is very short time since I started living here, we have visiters quite often.
Guests from Turkey are like I visit Turkey, remember of all my life and my culture; guests of my husbands are like a school to learn french, their lifestyle. Hospitality is traditional for us and I guess for my husband; too.

Today, I will write my favorite villages around our village. This is our general route for our guests.

Best ever view , Eze Village. To go to Eze village, you should take the route to Monaco from Nice. On the way you will see the signs. If you do not have a car, it is also possible to take the bus from Nice .
This old village has its name to an oral legend form the phoenicians , who erected a temple for memory of goddess Isis. Followed the end of Roman empire, the city is invaded .
In 1543, Marvelous Suleyman occupied the city , and by others, too; before it is the part of France.

                                                                      The magic view

                                             It has a very nice garden, worth to be seen

Usually we start with Gourdon, because it is the closest village to us. It has the view of Cannes.
It is small village with very nice view and shops. The speciality of the Gourdon is the jams. Do not fotget to buy a a few.

This way 🙂
Very nice welcoming 

 Village Fleuri is a competition of bloom to promote the development of green places in France.

The house of a seller 
If you visit Gourdon, Tourrettes  Sur Loup should not be missed. It is a little bigger than the above villages. More flowers, more houses and more shops. On the way ; attention to your right If you are coming through Gourdon. You will have a very nice surprise! Waterfalls !
The view of old village

French Art

This is our mini tour for our guests , If we have visitors from Turkey we usually prefer to go to beach. 
When it is the French guests, it is more exhausting for me. They prefer more sight seeing. 
In the coming days , I will go on new statements about French villages.
I do hope these informations are useful for your future trip.

Author: kristofairorganization

2010 summer, holiday , first visit to France, first visit to Cote D’Azur. Than, series of coincidences to meet with Christophe, frequent visits to France to know each other, French culture. Turkish culture. More gloom, after each seperation. Finally my gut feelings override my logic and I choosed French love. My husband is really very meticulous on each work especially for planning a travel. Each moment we spent, we discovered was very special for me. I would like to share our experinces, travel tips which may lead you to travel a good budget. Of course, I am also writing for my husband to make our perfect picture memories forever. For this reason, I preferred to write in English, to share with my husband , too. I can not write in french now, hope to write soon.

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